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Expected lifespan 400 (Maturity: 40)
Move 35
Size D6/3+1
Strength O6 (Potential: 9/8)
Endurance O6+3 (Potential: 15)
Coordination O6+6 (Potential: 21)
Awareness O6+9 (Potential: 21)
Learning O6+2 (Potential:9)
Magical Aptitude 2O6 (Potential: 18)
Armor Points As armor
Weapon Unarmed (2O6)
Ini/Off/Def/Dam 5/-2/-4/-4
Weapon2 (2O6+1) Any weapon (2O6+2)
Ini/Off/Def/Dam (As weapon)
Dodge O6+3
Hide O6+6
Move Quietly O6+6

Physical description

Elves look like humans except for being a bit smaller and more slender. They are recognized by their pointed ears and their cat’s eyes. Elves are superior to humans in just about all aspects. They are everything the humans could dream of being, they are gracious, intelligent, tough, joyful, artistic and they live a long life. They have everything except physical strength.

Clothing, arms and armor

Elves wear clothes of very good quality, often in colors which blend with nature. They often secure their clothes by roping them around the lower parts of arms and legs as well as around their waist. The only armor they wear, except when in battle, is soft leather. In battle they may wear any sort of armor as long as it is not too heavy. The quality is superb, but they often discard armor in favour of greater maneuverability. They often prefer chain mail as it is easy to move in. Elves use weapons that are slender like their bodies and gracious like their movements. Swords and spears are common as melee weapons. Bows are the main missile weapon used.

Social structure

Elves live in faery forests where the nature is beautiful and the landscape inspires their creativity. They live in small organized groups or societies. Families are always lasting. Pregnancy is very rare, and they never get twins.


Some elves are hunters, others gather edible plants as they eat a lot of vegetables. Many have their own speciality in craft or music. There are many craftsmen such as fletchers, tanners, tailors and bow makers among elves. There are also many exceptional poets, singers and other musicians. The common denominator among them is that they really know what they do, they specialize. As they live long lives, many learn magic on their way, magic that makes life more interesting and joyful.

Special skills

Elves generally have a high current in Awareness and skills pertaining to forest life. Mental description: Elves are very close to nature. They protect it and all the animals living in it. Therefore they are very careful with the use of fire in forests. Elves are a very joyful and happy people. They sing and dance through their lives and they look at life as an interesting and cheerful game to play. They seldom get angry or sorrowful. This casual viewpoint often conflicts with that of many humans. While elves are intelligent, they are stubborn, proud and traditional in their attitude, making them less able to learn new ways, skills and trades. They are wise because of their experiences and age, not because of any ability to learn... on the contrary, they are slow learners.

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