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Expected lifespan 400
Move 300 (flying) 120 (walking)
Size 3O6+9
Strength 4O6+20
Endurance O6+9
Coordination O6+9
Awareness O6+3
Learning O6
Magical Aptitude 2O6+3
Armor Points D6+5
Weapon Unarmed (2O6+3)
Ini/Off/Def/Dam 3/0/0/+3
Weapon2 Breath (2O6+3)
Ini/Off/Def/Dam 1/+5/-/12(fixed) (Rng:10m, Max=20m)
Dodge D6
Hide D6/2
Move Quietly D6/2

Physical description

Dragons are very rare creatures on Amar.

Dragons are fearsome creatures with large wingspan, four legs and with claws, sharp teeth and tail that are used in unarmed combat. Dragons come in different colors and each usually has its own specific breath weapon. The red dragon, like Origo - the dragon in the large mountain to the North-West of the Kingdom, are the most common. They are famous for their fire breath.


Dragons are naked.

Social structure

Dragons are usually solitaire creatures, but once in a while they team up with a mate for a few years, hatch an egg or two and go back to their solitude life.


Dragons are horders of gold, treasure and power.

Mental description

Dragons are intelligent beasts, some even highly intelligent and some employ magical spells. They are greedy and cunning, ranging from the darkest of evil to more benevolent, but still greedy and cunning.

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