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Expected lifespan 80
Move 85
Size O6+4
Strength O6+6
Endurance O6+3
Coordination O6+2
Awareness O6+1
Learning O6/2+1
Magical Aptitude O6
Armor Points 1 (+any armor)
Weapon Unarmed
Ini/Off/Def/Dam 5/-2/-4/-2
Weapon2 Any
Ini/Off/Def/Dam (As weapon)
Dodge O6
Hide D6/2
Move Quietly D6/2
Skill1 Survival Lore (O6+2)
Skill2 Play Flute (2D6+3)

Centaurs are very rare creatures in Amar.

Physical description

Centaurs are half horse, half human. The upper part of their body is human and thus they have six limbs. Due to their double body, they have two sets of intestines. They are omnivorous.

Clothing, arms and armor

Centaurs usually don’t wear clothes. Some armor may be worn on their human body part and occasionally they wear horse barding when in battle. They often use heavy weapons such as heavy maces, clubs or spears. Bow and arrow is their favorite weapon.

Social structure

Social structure varies a great deal from lonely centaurs to small societies consisting of up to 50 members, usually with no strict rule systems. Larger societies are very rare. Families are humanlike but they never get twins.


The main occupation among centaurs is hunting but some gather plants for food. In their spare time, they play instruments and sing or they compete in different sports.

Special skills

Centaurs are famous for their musicality and better flute players are hard to find, perhaps only among elves. They compose much music and make many poems. The following adjustments are made on the potential skills of centaurs: climb -30, tumble -5, ride —, swim -3.

Mental description

Centaurs are individualists and they often live by themselves. They love the freedom of nature and hate to be restricted in any way. This leads to their fear of indoor places. They never go inside a building or cave unless it is a matter of life and death. Centaurs love art and music as well as many types of sports. Often they compete with weapons as well as running or longjump.

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