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Expected lifespan 30
Move 30
Size D6/2+1
Strength D6+1
Endurance D6+1
Coordination D6+1
Awareness D6+1
Learning D6/2
Magical Aptitude D6/2
Armor Points As armor
Weapon Unarmed (D6+1)
Ini/Off/Def/Dam 5/-2/-4/-3
Weapon2 Club (O6+1)
Ini/Off/Def/Dam 3/-1/-2/-2
Dodge D6+1
Hide O6+1
Move Quietly O6+1
Skill1 Survival Lore (D6+2)
Skill2 Climb (D6+1)

Physical description

The Araxi are creatures of chaos with black skin, red eyes and a protruding face and sharp teeth and with sharp claws. They are usually smaller than humans but often stronger and more agile.

Clothing, arms and armor

Araxi wear whatever they can find that helps in combat - leather armor being the most common.

Social structure

A strong hierarchy and social order characterizes the Arax society. Families are tightly bound with the father being the undisputed head.


Araxi are warriors at heart. Most are also hunters. Females are keeping the den in order.

Special abilities

The Araxi are poison resistant and cannot be affected by any sleep-inducing magick.

Being magical creatures of chaos, the Araxi have a 50% chance (a 4 or more on a D6) of possessing chaotic features. Roll for the chaotic feature(s) on the table below. Roll first a D6 for the chaotic feature category, and then a D6 for the specific feature within that category:

Arax chaotic features (roll O6)
1 = Minor aberration
1 Stench. Everyone with a sense of smell within 3 meters get -1 in Status
2 Long limbs (add D6 to melee Initiative)
3 Fearful look (subtract D6 from Fear roll when first encountered)
4 Exudes fear. Opponents roll for fear every 3 rounds
5 Swift. Add O6+3 to Reaction Speed
6 Regenerates 1BP/minute
2 = Attribute enhancement
1 Add O6+4 to Strength
2 Add O6+5 to Endurance
3 Add O6+3 to Coordination
4 Add O6 to Learning
5 Add O6+3 to Awareness
6 Add O6+2 to Magical Aptitude
3 = Skill enhancement
1 Add O6+5 to Tumble
2 Add O6+5 to Hide
3 Add O6+5 to Move Quietly
4 Add O6+3 to Dodge
5 Add O6+3 to Missile weapons
6 Add O6+3 to Melee weapons
4 = Magick aberration
1 Can cast a specific Earth magick spell once per day (GM decides which spell)
2 Can cast a specific Black magick spell once per day (GM decides which spell)
3 Can cast a specific Protection magick spell once per day (GM decides which spell)
4 Can cast a specific Perception magick spell twice per day (GM decides which spell)
5 Can cast a specific Earth magick spell four times per day (GM decides which spell)
6 Can cast a specific Black magick spell once per hour (GM decides which spell)
5 = Special aberration
1 Poison spit (D6 Dam/r if hit in non-armored location)
2 Poison touch (D6 Dam/r) if unarmed does damage to target
3 Poison breath (D6 Dam - 1/m) to all targets in front
4 Exploding limb. Can make a limb explode into a poisonous cloud (O6+2 Dam -1/m to everyone around)
5 Exploding death. Can decide to explode, inflicting O6+3 in damage (-1/m) to everyone around)

per meter

6 Regenerates 1BP/r
6 = Roll twice on this table.

Mental description

The Araxi have low intelligence - somewhere between that of Neanderthals and humans. But they are cunning in an evil way.

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