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Domain Nature
Signifying Number 4
Symbol Anashina.png
Holy Day 4 Anashina
Special Powers Missile Weapons
Priest Rank Druid
Anashina's Attributes
Size 8
Strength 40
Endurance 60
Coordination 50
Learning 15
Awareness 40
Magical Aptitude 80
AP/BP/MD 5/40(immortal)/46
Melee Weapon Spear of Nature(+7)
Off/Def/Dam 45/55/+23
Missile Weapon The Hunter's Bow(+10)
Off/Dam/Range 70/+20/1200
Magic: Anashina, Ritual 80
Spells All spells < DR 80

Anashina is The Protector of Nature, The Hunteress, Protector of the Fay. While she is often depicted as the Queen of Elves, she is nevertheless worshipped extensively among humans - especially by rangers, hunters animal keepers and trainers and by foresters and of course the Druids.

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