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Domain Earth
Signifying Number ¼
Symbol Alesia.png
Holy Day 8 Gwendyll
Special Powers Earth & Protection Magick
Priest Rank Priest
Alesia's Attributes
Size 20
Strength 80
Endurance 80
Coordination 20
Learning 15
Awareness 15
Magical Aptitude 30
AP/HP/MD 25/56(immortal)/46
Melee Weapon Staff of the Lands
Off/Def/Dam 35/40/+20
Missile Weapon Earth Bow(+5)
Off/Dam/Range 30/+10/500
Magic: Earth 30
Spells All spells < DR 35

Alesia is one of the six Primary Gods. She is the Mother Earth, worshipped by farmers, land owners and commoners who feel attached to the primary source of Life.

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