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Domain Trading
Signifying Number 2
Symbol Mailatroz.png
Holy Day 16 Taroc
Special Powers Trading Skills
Priest Rank Master Merchant
Mailatroz's Attributes
Size 4
Strength 25
Endurance 25
Coordination 25
Learning 20
Awareness 10
Magical Aptitude 20
AP/BP/MD 8/20(immortal)/15
Melee Weapon Scimitar(+4) & Dagger(+2)
Off/Def/Dam 30/35/+14
Missile Weapon Heavy X-bow(+4)
Off/Dam/Range 25/+7/200
Magic: Mailatroz 30
Spells All spells < DR 30

Mailatroz is the God of merchants and traders. The ultimate deal maker, sales man and haggler. He has a vast knowledge of all kinds of trading goods. He is the son of Ikalio and Shalissa. He brings light and life to human commerce in a swift and elegant way.

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