From Amar RPG
Domain Hope & Dreams
Signifying Number 1
Symbol Liandra.png
Holy Day 1 Elesi
Special Powers Drawing, dancing, sculpting, ...
Priest Rank Dreamer
Liandra's Attributes
Size 10
Strength 10
Endurance 40
Coordination 40
Learning 15
Awareness 25
Magical Aptitude 60
AP/BP/MD 5/33(immortal)/33
Melee Weapon Staff of The Dreamer(+5)
Off/Def/Dam 40/45/+9
Missile Weapon Dream Bow(+3)
Off/Dam/Range 40/+5/250
Magic: Liandra 60
Spells All spells < DR 60

Daughter of Ielina and creater of hopes and dreams, Liandra is worshopped by artists from all walks of life. She is the reason we dream, that we paint our future with our inner eye and present our hopes and dreams through our wide range of artistic skills. Liandra is the ally of Elaari.

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